Application of Oil Red O Stain in Histological Analysis

Oil Red O Stain

Planned use:

Oil red O Stain is planned for the staining of impartial fat.

Principle of Oil Red O Stain:

Staining of lipids is accepted to connect with the actual properties of arrangement or adsorption. Colors display a more noteworthy dissolvability in lipoid substances of frozen tissue than that in unique solvents. Lipid staining is the result of dyes moving into lipids from organic solvents during staining.


  • Rinse the frozen tissue briefly in distilled water after cutting it to a thickness of 6-10 m.
  • Flush tissue in 60% isopropanol for 20~30 seconds.
  • Plan Oil Red O working arrangement with 6 mL of Oil Red O stock arrangement and 4 mL of deionized water. Mix thoroughly and let stand for ten minutes. Stain in Oil Red O working answer for 5~10 minutes.
  • To get rid of any remaining stains, rinse in 60% isopropanol for a few seconds. Use distilled water to rinse.
  • Use Mayer hematoxylin solution to stain nuclei.
  • In 1% hydrochloric acid, separate the slides for a few seconds.
  • Blue in diluted lithium carbonate solution or tap water for ten minutes. Get rid of any excess water.
  • Mount with arabinan or glycerin jam.


Oil Red O stock solution250mlOil Red O
Mayer hematoxylin solution250mlHematoxylin


  • To show lipids, stain frozen tissue rather than paraffin tissue, as lipids are promptly dissolvable in natural solvents.
  • The frozen tissue utilized for lipid staining ought not to be excessively slight. The lipid content would be lost otherwise.
  • The counterstaining time in Mayer hematoxylin ought not to be excessively lengthy.
  • The stain won’t last long, so keep an eye on it and snap photos as soon as you can.

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