XL120 coagulation analyzer

The XL120 coagulation analyzer features:

  • Touch-control computer system with a 10.2-inch color screen for easy man-machine interaction.
  • Utilizes coagulation methods, immunoturbidimetric, and chromogenic substrate assays for accurate and reliable results.
  • Smart multi-dimensional sample addition system for fully automatic puncture taking and precise detection.
  • Patented design combination test strip to avoid waste and meet different test requirements.
  • Automatic identification of test strips for avoiding false detection.
  • Calibration options, including manual input, standard curve insertion, and automatic calibration with calibrators.
  • Electric control technology for automatic connection of solution and waste liquid pipelines, reducing cross-contamination risks.
  • LED lighting function for clear loading and unloading of specimens and reagent strips.
  • Dual power switches (220V and 12V) for quick start and energy-saving.
  • Lithium battery with kinetic energy auxiliary technology, enabling more than 8 hours of work without power supply for flexible and portable use.
  • Modular design for easy maintenance and fault alarm functions.
  • Available in different models with varying test channels to suit different needs.
  • Solves various problems related to coagulation testing, including rapid detection, reagent waste, and incomplete detection items.

The XL120 coagulation analyzer is suitable for use in hospital laboratories, clinical departments, small clinics, and special environments. It aims to provide fast, accurate, and convenient coagulation testing and has applied for multiple national invention patents.

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