Hematology analyzer reagent

Hematology Analyzer Reagent: Ensuring Accurate Blood Analysis


The Hematology Analyzer Reagent is a critical component used in hematology analyzers to perform blood tests and obtain essential information about a patient’s blood cells and related parameters. It ensures accurate and reliable results, maintaining a high level of quality as seen in the original equipment.

The reagent set consists of three main components:

1. Diluent:

The diluent is a solution used to dilute blood samples before analysis. It helps in preparing the blood cells for accurate counting and sizing by the analyzer.

2. Hemolysin:

Hemolysin is an agent used to lyse or break down red blood cells in the sample. This step is essential to release hemoglobin and other intracellular components, allowing the analyzer to measure various blood cell parameters accurately.

3. Cleaner:

The cleaner is employed to maintain the cleanliness and functionality of the hematology analyzer, ensuring proper and efficient operation over time.

Differential Options:

The reagents offered include both 3-part differential and 5-part differential options, catering to different models of hematology analyzers. Red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets are the three categories of blood cells that are covered by the three-part differential reagents. The 5-part differential reagents, on the other hand, provide more precise information, including particular subtypes of white blood cells, which can be crucial for identifying a variety of medical disorders.

Full range product KCN free formula

Compatible with Major Brands and Models:

  • Coulter series: T/JT/MD, MAXM/STKS/HMX/GEN’s/LH500/LH750/LH780, AC.T5 diff, etc. (produced by Beckman Coulter)
  • Abbott series: CD-1400/1600/1700, CD-1800, CD-3200, CD-3500/3700, etc. (produced by Abbott Laboratories)
  • Sysmex series: F-800/820, KX-21/KX-21N/pocH-100i/80i, XE-2100/XT-1800i/XT-2000i/XS-1000i/XS-800i/XS-500i, SE-9000, etc. (produced by Sysmex Corporation)
  • ABX series: MICROS 60, PENTRA 60/80, PENTRA 120, etc. (produced by HORIBA ABX)
  • Midray series: BC 2000/2200, BC 2800/3000/3200, etc. (produced by Mindray) Others, MEK-6108/6318/8118, etc.
  • For more details: Information about the reagents and their compatibility with specific analyzer models. Click Here

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