XL 3690 Automatic Coagulation Analyzer

XL 3690 Fully Automatic Coagulation Analyzer


  1. XL3690 Automatic Coagulation Analyzer adopts an external computer control system.
  2. XL 3690 Automatic Coagulation Analyzer adopts 10 sets of test positions based on magnetic bead methodology.
  3. XL 3690 Automatic Coagulation Analyzer test cup supply component can supply 1000 magnetic bead test cups pre-heated to 37 C in an orderly, synchronous, and uninterrupted way to the lower grip area.
  4. XL 3690 adopts two sets of reagent areas, a total of 58 refrigerated reagent positions, to accommodate the parallel, rapid specimen loading of the dual reagent system for dual reagent items.
  5. XL 3690 adopts 4 sets of 15 test positions.
  6. XL 3690 Automatic Coagulation Analyzer upper sampling area adopts two sets of sampling arms and three sets of sampling needle systems.

Floor Model

XL 3690 Fully Automatic Coagulation Analyzer

XL 3690 Automatic Coagulation Analyzer

Test Method: Optical Coagulation, Mechanical Coagulation, Immunolatex, Chromogenic, PT-Derived,Fibrinogen

Test Menu: routine tests PT, APTT, FIB, TT, Special tests Including D-dimer, FDP, AT-III, Factor Assays, Lupus Panel, Thrombotic panel

Throughput : ≥420/500/600Ts/h (option). with the function of PT-derived FIB

Measure in channel: coagulation 10; immunoturbidimetry & Chromogenic:9

Preheating Site: 40; cuvettes at 37 C constantly preheating

Reagent Site: 58; double areas with tilt positions serve the double probes to take samples; at 16 C refrigeration, condensate liquid gathering and diversion function; reagent vials scanned and automatic recognition and positioning function

Sample Site : ≥60 exchangeable samples rack; high-speed reading reagent barcode; automatic recognition and positing samples, to enter samples positions and patients information; any position for stat reporting

Sampling System: XYZ coordinates system, high-speed synchronized operation; 2 sampling arms; 3 probes; automatic positioning, liquid surface detection, constant heating, failure alarm, and auto maintenance

Gripper System: 2; adopts a unique and independent design to achieve efficient work of cups automatic transporting, & discarding

Cuvette : ≥1000 Magnetic cups

Operating Mode: vertical cabinet platform + test machine + computer control system to integrated work (floor model)

Alarm Function: abnormal result alarm and automatic repeating test; probe automatic switch or alarm when reagents are insufficient; alarm for insufficient cuvettes, reagents, and solutions and opening cover

Humanized Design: equipped with an easy-to-operate LED lighting system in the work area and cabinet storage area, the stable storage area of the cabinet store the cleaning liquid, waste liquid, and waste test cups; dual mode for automatic samples adding and manual samples adding multi-point calibration and quality control management function; dual LIS communication and customized report.

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