AC-4 Fully Automatic Coagulation Analyzer

AC-4 Fully Automatic Coagulation Analyzer


The Helena AC-4 Fully Automatic Coagulation Analyzer is a fast, flexible, accurate photo-optical, fully automated coagulometer suitable for clotting, chromogenic and immunoturbidimetric assays using plasma.


Detection principle:

  • Photo-optical

  • 4 x laser optics utilising 405nm wavelength

  • Suitable for icteric and lipaemic samples


  • Clotting

  • Chromogenic

  • Immunoturbidimetric

Sample processing:

  • Plasma sample

  • Cap piercing

  • 24 position sample rack

  • Up to 110 PT/Hour

  • Up to 45 APTT/Hour

  • Stat sample position

  • Suitable for spun primary sample tubes

  • Integrated barcode for primary patient IDs

Main features of AC-4 Fully Automatic Coagulation:

  • Simple, comprehensive, walk-away operation

  • Integrated barcode reader

  • On-board printer

  • Dedicated TECAM software

  • Automatic plasma dilutions

  • Automatic calibration curves and quality control

  • Single or duplicate sample analysis

  • Complete positive patient ID

  • Integrated bar code reader for fast, accurate sample loading

  • STAT position for quick and easy emergency sample analysis

  • Cap piercing ensures operator safety with direct access to sealed primary tubes (includes needle guard)

  • Micro volume procedures

  • Reagent dead volumes less than 300μl

  • Low consumption of consumables: Rinse (<1ml/test) Clean (<15ml/day)

  • Fully programmable, allowing optimization of existing tests and design of new test protocols

  • Integrated thermal print

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