XL1000e Automatic Coagulation Analyzer

XL1000e Automatic Coagulation analyzer

Key Features of XL1000e Automatic Coagulation Analyzer:

  • Test Method: The analyzer uses the coagulation method as the primary test method, and optionally, it supports Immunoturbidimetry for certain tests.
  • Test Items: It can perform various coagulation tests, including APTT, TT, PT, FIB, and blood coagulation factors. It also supports testing coagulation-related special items like D-dimer and FDP.
  • Test Speed: The analyzer has a high test speed, capable of conducting 100 tests per hour (100Ts/h).
  • Dual-Mode Test Capability: It offers both automatic and manual test modes.
  • Alarm Functions: The analyzer has alarms for insufficient cuvette and reagent levels to avoid interruptions during testing.
  • Tilt Reagent Position: The reagent position is designed with a tilt to extend the use time of reagents, reduce waste, and ensure test result accuracy.
  • Reagent Refrigeration: The analyzer features a reagent position with a refrigeration function to preserve reagent integrity.
  • Sampling Probe: The sampling probe has a liquid surface induction and constant heating function for optimal sample handling.
  • Display of Coagulation Curve: It can display the coagulation curve during dynamic testing.
  • PT-Derived FIB Function: The analyzer has a function to derive Fibrinogen (FIB) levels from Prothrombin Time (PT) results.
  • Calibration: It supports both automatic and manual calibration functions.
  • LED Work Lighting: The analyzer is equipped with LED lighting for improved visibility during work.
  • Batch Test and Emergency Priority: It allows batch testing and emergency priority insertion for urgent cases.
  • Abnormal Test Results Alarm: The analyzer provides alarms for abnormal test results and can perform automatic retests.
  • Insufficient Test Results Alarm: It alerts for insufficient test results and waste liquid overflow.
  • Background Scan: The optical coagulation method includes a background scan feature to remove jaundice and high-fat background interference.
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