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At Princess Scientific Services, we are committed to delivering products that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. We take rigorous measures to monitor, preserve, and guarantee the quality of our products through a comprehensive quality control system. Our dedication to quality assurance ensures that our customers receive products that meet their specific needs and expectations.

1. Product Date Information Statement

We understand the importance of accurate product date information. At Princess Scientific Services, we employ strict quality control measures to provide you with the most reliable information regarding the shelf life of our products. When the date is indicated only by year and month, rest assured that the product’s shelf life extends to the last day of the last month, guaranteeing freshness and effectiveness.

2. Shipping Terms & Long-term Storage Recommendations

Shipping Terms:

We are committed to delivering your orders safely and efficiently. Our shipping practices are designed to ensure that our products reach you in pristine condition. For short-term exposures that do not affect product quality, such as during shipment, we transport products at room temperature. For sensitive items that may be exposed to environmental conditions for a short period, we take extra precautions by storing them in ice or dry ice during transportation. This ensures that even delicate products remain unaffected by external factors. We optimize transport routes to minimize transit time and reduce costs for our valued customers. While we offer the option of shipping with ice or dry ice upon customer request, we may require payment for special packaging if historical data indicates that normal shipping conditions are suitable.

Long-term Storage Recommendations:

To maximize the shelf life of our products, we provide recommended storage conditions on our product labels. Many of our products benefit from long-term storage at low temperatures, which can significantly extend their usability. We encourage our customers to adhere to the long-term storage conditions specified on the product label to ensure product integrity and longevity.

3. Product Specification List

Our commitment to quality extends to providing detailed product specification information. The product specification list includes:

  • Molecular Formula and Molecular Weight: Precise chemical information for accurate use.
  • Concentration: Information on the concentration of the product.
  • CAS Number: A unique identifier for each chemical compound.
  • Grade: The quality grade or purity level of the product.
  • Application Field: Guidance on the intended applications and uses of the product.

These specifications are designed to empower our customers with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and to ensure that our products meet their specific requirements.

At Princess Scientific Services, quality control is not just a process; it’s our commitment to excellence. We continuously strive to uphold the highest standards in product quality and customer satisfaction.

For any inquiries or further information, please feel free to contact our dedicated customer support team. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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