Liu's Haematocyte Stain

Liu’s Haematocyte Stain


Liu’s Haematocyte Stain is a powerful tool in the field of cell classification, specifically focused on hematocytes. Developed as a modification of the renowned Romanowsky Stain technique, this innovative method offers insights into the cellular composition by utilizing physical adsorption and chemical affinity. The stain penetrates cells, revealing a spectrum of colors based on the unique chemical compositions of different cell types. This blog dives into the principle, methods, specifications, and precautions associated with Liu’s Haematocyte Stain.

Principles of Liu’s Haematocyte Stain

Derived from the Romanowsky Stain technique, Liu’s Stain capitalizes on the physical adsorption and chemical affinity of cellular components. The stain comprises acid stain (Eosin) and alkaline stain (Methylene Blue), both exhibiting distinct affinities to different cell components. Upon application, the stain seeps into cells, imparting a diverse array of colors. This colorful differentiation forms the basis for identifying cells according to their color, shape, and other physical attributes.


Liu’s Haematocyte Stain offers both standard and rapid staining methods, each yielding remarkable insights into cellular diversity.

Standard Stain

  • Add approximately 0.5~0.8 ml of Liu A Solution and allow it to stain for 30 seconds.
  • Introduce twice the volume of Liu B Solution onto A Solution. Thoroughly mix by blowing air with either your mouth or a rubber pipette bulb. Let the slide stain for 90~120 seconds.
  • Gently rinse with water, carefully dry the slide, and place it under a microscope for examination.

Rapid Stain

  • Swiftly add around 0.5~0.8 ml of Liu A Solution, immediately followed by twice the volume of Liu B Solution onto A Solution.
  • Mix the solutions thoroughly by blowing air with your mouth or a rubber pipette bulb. Allow the staining process to occur for 30~60 seconds.
  • Delicately rinse with water, ensure the slide is dry, and observe the finished specimen under a microscope.


Liu’s Haematocyte Stain kit is available in different configurations, offering a variety of contents and components:

  • Liu A Solution:
    • Content: 2 vials x 20ml, 2 bottles x 250ml, 4 bottles x 250ml
    • Components: Eosin, Methanol
  • Liu B Solution:
    • Content: 4 vials x 20ml, 2 bottles x 250ml, 4 bottles x 250ml, 2 bottles x 250ml
    • Components: Methylene Blue


  • Immediately cap the reagent bottle after use to prevent vaporization and maintain the integrity of the solutions.
  • Adhere to the stated expiration date for the reagents. Store the kit in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight, preserving its effectiveness.

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